What to do in Cali?

Cali, The Branch of Heaven; thriving Capital of the Colombian Pacific, Sports capital of America, World Capital of Salsa or simply the Cali Pachanguero that Jairo Varela described in his song turned into a second hymn for the city.

It is the ideal place to enjoy the sunsets and nights that the rhythm of delicious breeze enjoy walking, interacting with its cheerful people, enjoy marivollosa local cuisine, fusion and international, with several restaurants, salsa shows among the best in the country and the world.

Its 7 rivers, the beauty of its landscape and vegetation, friendly people, designer shops, pubs, entertainment sites, shopping centers, medical and aesthetic centers as well as commercial, regional, industrial and business importance make it a beautiful contemporary Latin Tropical destination thriving in the international context.

Foundation: On July 25, 1536 Sebastián de Belalcázar founded the city of Santiago de Cali, making it one of the oldest cities in America.
Cali, capital of the Valle del Cauca department given its history, beauty, tropical climate, fertility of land and strategic location only 100 km. of the main Colombian port of Buenaventura convert this city region into a development pole of the Latin American Pacific.

Climate: warm and dry, tropical with dry summer - average temperature 24.0 ° C (73.6 ° F).

Population: 2,401 million inhabitants according to the 2012 census.

Location: between the geological valley of the Cauca River and the hills of the Farallones de Cali of the Western Cordillera, part of the Colombian Andes, it is part of the Pan-American route, a must for travelers visiting South America.

Places of Interest: CAM Municipal Administration Center, City Hall of Cali, Municipal Council, EMCALI Municipal Epresas de Cali, Gobernación del Valle, Departmental Assembly, Bank of the Republic, Bank of Colombia, Banco de Occidente, Banco de Bogota, Chamber of Commerce of Cali.

Tourist Points: Historical Center, Boulevard del Rio, Granada District, Plaza de la Caleñidad, Calima Gold Mueseo, San Antonio Hill and Chapel, River Line Park, El Gato del Rio, La Tertulia Modern Art Museum, El Peñon Neighborhood , Cerro de las Tres Cruces, Cristo Rey, Hacienda El Paraiso, El Milagroso de Buga church, El Milagroso de Cali Church, Nirvana, Calima Lake.

Economy: Cali and the Valle del Cauca form the third economic center of Colombia being a point of national and international economic exchange. Obligatory passage to and from the south of the country, Ecuador and connected to the world through the seaport of Buenaventura where Industry, Agroindustry, Software, Health, Tourism, Gatronomy, Cultural Industries, Education, Commerce, Logistics and Public Sector.

It is the birthplace of many multinationals, multilatinas, small, medium and large companies, regional and national.

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